The Arizona Rhodesian Ridgeback Club is an accredited AKC club, and is associated with the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of The United States (RRCUS). The Arizona Rhodesian Ridgeback Club was founded as a regional breed club with activities and meetings to bring Arizona Ridgeback enthusiasts together. ARRC has general meetings to discuss club business 6 times per year, and holds AKC Independent Specialty dog shows for Rhodesian Ridgebacks once or twice a year. We also offer social and educational events throughout the year. We welcome you to attend any of our ARRC events to meet club members and their ridgebacks!

Upcoming Events

 The Arizona Rhodesian Ridgeback Club has members located all over the state and as a result the membership has voted to have our meetings associated with conformation events so that most members can attend. This works well for us and we hope you can join us. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

  • January 31, 2020 ARRC Double RRCUS Regional Specialties 
  •                 with Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes!
  •                 Held At The Phoenix Coliseum. 
Show Entries through www.onofrio.com



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ARRC Specialty at Cardinal Stadium 

                These are a few pictures of our show ring and trophy table.                    
 Our specialty shows are open to all AKC registered
Rhodesian Ridgebacks. You can visit the AKC Events Search page for
entry information and the judges slate. We also offer Sweepstakes,
Veteran Sweepstakes, and Generations Class for cash prizes. These
are great events for you and your family to attend and meet local
exhibitors, breeders, and of course ridgebacks and their owners.



It's Easier than ever to show your support!

Arizona Rhodesian Ridgeback Club is non-profit and depends on donations to fund our events. We have joined with Paypal to offer you an easy way to help us. To be a trophy sponsor for our next show please click the link below and indicate the placement you want to support! 



Arizona Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
2019 Breeder's List
First Last Name Kennel Name Address Phone # Email
Jane Gentzen www.couragerhodesianridgebacks.com                                                   Courage  PO Box 1230                                    Chino Valley, AZ 86323 480-235-4762 janegentzen@msn.com
Rose' Marnoch www.chiastoliterhodesianridgebacks.com                                           Chiastolite PO Box 837                                       Mayer, AZ 86333 602-405-2959 asset59@msn.com
Jamie McKinney www.arizonaridgebacks.com                                                                       Red Dawg's Mesa, Arizona 480-529-0126 azreddawg@cox.net
Erin & Martha PrendergastPresidio Rhodesian RidgebacksWilcox, Arizona 520-384-2670 presidiorhodesianridgebacks@gmail.com
Phyllis Scalf ruyaridgeback.web.com                                                                           Ruya Ridgebacks PO Box 20645                                   Mesa, AZ 85277 602-320-2437 ruyaridge@aol.com